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Nellie’s English Books, established in 1989, is a distributor of ELT materials dedicated to supporting educators.

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Digital Libraries

Digital Libraries Digital Libraries – you can read anytime, anywhereHow can we help students become confident and successful readers? The answer is simple – the more students read, the stronger readers become. The challenge can be getting students to access to the right books and tools they need to become strong readers. Digital Libraries, which students can access anytime and anywhere, is an all-in-one reading tool that gives student instant access to a comprehensive collection of engaging graded and leveled stories.

Medical, Healthcare and Tourism titles for Japan

Medical, Healthcare and Tourism titles for Japan English Textbooks for the Medical and Healthcare field and the Tourism and Hospitality field, written and published for Japan. ・ Healthtalk – Tryalogue Education・ Because We Care 2/E – National Geographic Learning・ Lifesaver – National Geographic Learning・ English Skills for Nursing – Language Point・ English for Tourism Professionals – National Geographic Learning・ And more

Time to Talk

Time to Talk Time to Talk – Empower your students to say what they want to sayTime to Talk is a five-level series designed to increase the communicative abilities of Japanese students of English. The English classroom inn Japan has its own unique challenges that are often overlooked by course books produced for the global market. Time to Talk is a course created by professionals familiar with these challenges, so make sure you have Time to Talk in your class!!

Path To Fluency

Path To Fluency Research shows that Extensive Reading will help improve reading and listening skills as well as language comprehension. Many teachers know this to be true but getting schools, students and for young learners, parents, to understand the benefits of ER. To provide support for teachers are considering starting an ER program, we have created a special page on our website with the assistance of the Japan Extensive Reading Association. The information is in Japanese which can be helpful for getting schools, students and parents to understanding the merits of Extensive Reading.

Developing Strategic Competence

Developing Strategic Competence What is Strategic Competence? There are words, phrases, and conventions that are used as two (or more) speakers engage in the active give-and-take of communicating through conversation. Through extensive step-by-step practice, review and consolidation of techniques for leading and participating in a conversation or discussion, these strategies will help students develop high level communication skills. Discussion Strategies 2nd Edition and Conversation Strategies 3rd Edition, teaches these skills and has been a bestseller for over 15 years with adoptions from universities, high schools and major private language schools. With the assistance of Professor Masahito Watanabe of Yokohama National University, we have prepared free downloadable Japanese teacher’s notes to help teachers become more aware of the importance of teaching strategic competence in the classroom.