Shannon Parks

University of Birmingham

I recently completed my MA in TESOL from the University Birmingham. I work in Kuwait with displaced Syrian children. I also teach Chinese and Kuwaiti children online.


University of Birmingham Graduate Student Showcase 1

Living language and life skills through drama and arts Shannon PARKS and Alison LARKIN KOUSHKI This presentation summarizes Shannon Parks' MA dissertation on the effects of dramatizing literature and language arts on English learners’ language and life skills. The data emerges from Alison Larkin Koushki's students' involvement in theatre productions over a seven-year period. In my opinion: Modality in Japanese EFL learners' argumentative essays Christine PEMBERTON Learners' use of modal devices (MDs) in argumentative writing is compared with that of English native speakers and with frequencies of MDs in the school curriculum. Curriculum, topic, and other potential factors are identified as influential on learners' MD use. Technology acceptance model application for high-immersion virtual reality learning environments Alex BARRATT, Ethan QUAID, Austin PACK, Litong ZHOU This presentation reports the results of a covariance-based structural equation modelling analysis investigating the application of Davis' (1989) technology acceptance model to determine students' intention to use a high-immersion virtual reality system for the purpose of learning paragraph structure. An anecdotal experience using Google Drive for remote emergency teaching David Andrew HAMMETT In 2020, university teachers were presented with an unprecedented situation with an outbreak of Covid-19 and were given a limited amount of time to create an online curriculum and materials. I will demonstrate how Google Drive was used as an LMS.