Richmond Stroupe

JALT / Soka Univesity

Richmond Stroupe is the current Chair of the International Language Education: TESOL Graduate Program at Soka University in Tokyo, Japan. Richmond is also the President of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), and is active with other teaching associations in Asia, North America and Europe. He has worked with university and professional language-learners from Asia since 1989, and his academic interests include curriculum development, teacher education and professional development, and enhancing learners' critical thinking skills.


JALT Executive Board Meeting (EBM)

Sun, Nov 22, 19:10-20:10 JST

At JALT Executive Board Meetings (EBMs), Chapter, SIG, and National JALT officers present reports, discuss JALT business, and vote on motions that are brought before the assembly. During the year, these JALT officers attend two weekend EBMs. Although this EBM is scheduled to last for only one hour, important business will be discussed and conducted. All JALT members are warmly invited to attend the EBM and observe the management of JALT business in person.