Chris Jones

University of Liverpool

I am a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Liverpool, UK. I have been involved in English language teaching for over twenty five years and have worked in China, Japan, Thailand and the UK. My main research interests are related to spoken language and include work on spoken corpora, literature and the development of spoken language, lexis and lexico-grammar, classroom applications of corpus data and instructed second language acquisition.


Literary Texts: Access, Activity, and Awareness

This workshop will illustrate an Access, Activity, and Awareness methodology (Jones & Carter, 2012) and show how we can apply this method to any piece of literature. This interactive workshop will demonstrate that literary texts are rich in both spoken and written language by asking participants to work directly with a range of sample texts. It will also show that such texts can develop student engagement and language awareness at different levels and age groups.

Dramatised Literature and Speech Awareness

Recent developments in corpus-informed materials (McCarthy & McCarten, 2018), have greatly improved the dialogues learners encounter in textbooks, but many can be unnatural. As a result, there is a need for more realistic and motivating models of speech. Dramatised literature offers one such model. This presentation reports on research using an example of such literature (the BBC show Sherlock) and explores how it can be used to motivate learners and develop spoken language awareness.