Tim Cook

Iryo Sosei University

I teach English at a small private university that focuses mainly on medical fields. I am also recognized by the Alabama State Council on the Arts (US) as a master folk teacher of traditional American shape-note singing. I taught Japanese for Georgia Public Broadcasting (US) in a TV program called "Irasshai," for which I received an Emmy Award. As part of a seminar class for third-year students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts, I am having students videoconference with English-speaking students of Japanese overseas while employing principles and methods of TV production and theater. I hold a PhD in communication studies from the University of Alabama.


An Excuse to Act: Language Exchanges as Theater

This session presents a case study of an undergraduate seminar using video in an online language exchange as a kind of live and interactive theater situated in various locations. A semiotic reading of the videos, qualitative and quantitative assessments of the project, and actionable advice to assist those interested in any such similar project will be discussed.