Samuel Taylor

Kyushu Sangyo University

I am a lecturer at Kyushu Sangyo University's Language Education and Research Center. I received my MA in TESOL from the Institute of Education, London University in 2017. My main research areas are speaking and educational technology. I am a member of the editing committee for the Kyushu chapter of the Japan Association of College English Teachers.


Xreading: Supporting a Community of Readers

College & University Education
Sat, Nov 21, 11:55-12:20 JST

This presentation investigates learner usage of the Xreading online library in terms of completion rates, book level, reading time, reading speed, books completed, and total words read. This data was used to develop educator and learner best-practice guidelines to support classroom practice and autonomous learning. These guidelines are being used to implement, manage, and develop extensive reading programs at a Japanese university, and cultivate and sustain a community of readers.