Sessions / Conversation/Language School

English for Tenkin #775

Mon, Nov 16, 16:00-16:25 JST | Zoom 1

How well do English conversation lessons prepare Japanese English-learners for life overseas whilst on company placement? How can teachers help students improve their English dramatically in a very short space of time, and do they need to? This presentation shares the results of research into students’ opinions and teachers’ experiences of teaching and learning English for Tenkin.

PBL to Foster Students' Intrinsic Motivation #737

Sat, Nov 21, 10:45-11:10 JST | Zoom 18

This presentation will report on the findings of an action research project investigating if Project-Based-Learning (PBL) activities and materials adopted from autonomous, competent and relatedness-supportive teaching strategies have positive effects on students' intrinsic motivation in General English classes in Cambodia. By employing these techniques, the presenter could design more effective PBL activities and materials integrated into English classrooms. Attendees will learn how these strategies can be adapted to their teaching to develop students' intrinsic motivation.

Moving Beyond McEnglish: Recognizing Eikaiwa as a Legitimate Professional Community #263

Sun, Nov 22, 09:30-11:00 JST | Zoom 24

In this forum, former and current eikaiwa teachers come together to share and discuss their perspectives on private English conversation (eikaiwa) schools and their position within the larger professional community of Japanese ELT. In response to negative stereotypes of the eikaiwa industry prevalent in the English teaching field and society at large, the forum participants will discuss the complex nature of eikaiwa and its legitimate role within English education in Japan. This forum is sponsored by the School Owners SIG.

A Global Approach in the Eikaiwa Community #440

Sun, Nov 22, 14:35-15:00 JST | Zoom 12

This workshop builds on the presenter’s previous research into learner attitudes towards a global approach in eikaiwa. As there was a positive tendency overall, the approach was implemented in the classroom and a method was developed. This method involves using authentic listening as a way to raise awareness of global Englishes and different cultural perspectives. The presenter hopes that sharing this method in the eikaiwa teaching community can help teachers prepare learners for global communication.