Sessions / Teachers Helping Teachers (THT)

Productive Activities in an Online Classroom #873

Mon, Nov 16, 16:45-17:45 JST | Zoom 4

Technology will not make you a better teacher, but it can help you to teach better online. In this workshop, I will demonstrate how to easily transfer activities such as gap fill or matching practice to an online classroom and how to swiftly prepare writing and speaking activities. Teachers can quickly learn and apply these tools online, and they will help them to integrate their students and make their online classroom more interactive.

Teachers Helping Teachers SIG Forum and AGM #273

Fri, Nov 20, 17:15-18:45 JST | Zoom 3

This forum will bring together Teaching Helping Teachers (THT) THT members, country coordinators and interested parties. Invited speakers from some of the THT programs, such as Bangladesh and Kyrgyzstan, will talk about their experiences with THT and teaching during the pandemic. Due to COVID-19 most of the THT 2020 programs have been unable to go ahead. Participants will also discuss the role of THT in a COVID world. Presentations and discussion will be followed by the Annual General Meeting.

Developing PD Communities Through Peer Mentoring #454

Sat, Nov 21, 12:50-13:15 JST | Zoom 10

This session will introduce the successful approach towards peer mentoring that English teaching colleagues in RMIT Vietnam use to support, motivate, and encourage each other. The establishment of this program has resulted in a marked improvement in mentoring and has ensured a community of continual improvement and professional development. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to establish their own peer mentoring program to encourage reciprocal professional development.

Expanding Accessibility in Learning Communities #256

Sat, Nov 21, 13:25-14:55 JST | Zoom 10

Learning communities are becoming important as learner needs become more diverse. Learners with disabilities are one example where learning communities are underrepresented. The 2016 Act for Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities reemphasizes learning capacity for those with special needs. This change raises the question: how can learning communities be formed to expand accessibility to language learning? This session will engage in discussions regarding learning and professional communities, diversity and accessibility in language learning.

International Forum #281

Sat, Nov 21, 13:25-14:55 JST | Zoom 22

The International Forum offers an excellent opportunity to learn from panelists who represent JALT’s international partner organizations. The panelists will share their educational experiences and diverse perspectives in relation to one or both of this year’s conference themes: “Communities of Teachers and Learners” and “Emergency Remote Teaching and Learning.” This forum provides participants with the chance to interact and exchange ideas with experts from a wide range of educational contexts from different countries.

How Do Teachers Teach Listening at Universities? #559

Sat, Nov 21, 16:45-17:10 JST | Zoom 10

Teachers often perceive that their teaching of listening is effective (Graham, 2018). However, research shows what teachers’ perceptions differ from their practices. This presentation outlines fifteen teachers’ perceptions on teaching pre-/while-/post-listening stages at a pre-sessional university EAP course in New Zealand. Survey results show teachers are confident teaching pre-listening tasks but use only comprehension tasks in while-listening and post-listening. I will outline process-oriented teaching methods that could attend to learners’ real-time listening difficulties.

Creating Teaching Communities in Higher Education #437

Sat, Nov 21, 17:20-17:45 JST | Zoom 10

In Japan, there are many higher education institutions with numerous language teachers working under diverse employment conditions. For effective language education, it is important that an inclusive community of motivated teachers is created. In this workshop, the presenter will explain how one university works towards this goal through such initiatives as peer mentoring, online training videos, peer workshops, and voluntary contact persons. Participants will be invited to share their own experiences of developing teaching communities.

Comics and EFL: Using Visual Culture in Classrooms #424

Sat, Nov 21, 17:55-18:20 JST | Zoom 10

The comic book industry is popular worldwide. This presentation looks at the usefulness of comics as an important learning resource in the EFL classroom, as well as giving an overview of the comic book industry, and the different uses of visual culture in language learning. This presentation introduces different classroom activities involving the use of comics. Finally, these classroom activities are followed by reflection concerning the utility of comics in EFL classrooms.

Fostering Community Through Sharing Resources #812

Sun, Nov 22, 12:50-14:05 JST | Zoom 24

This roundtable exchange will provide an overview of and an opportunity to discuss some of the most common perceptions held by teachers about developing and sharing resources, examine some of the ways to overcome commonly-faced obstacles, and consider how sharing materials can help foster a sense of community among teachers.