Sessions / Listening

JALT Listening SIG: Hear Us Out! #298

Thu, Nov 19, 18:00-19:00 JST | Zoom 1

This meeting introduces the development of a proposed JALT Listening SIG. The session will introduce the group members and outline the proposed aims, communication networks, quarterly newsletter, and three annual events. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and share your intent to participate once the motion for the JALT Listening SIG is officially submitted in February 2021.

Yanny or Laurel?: Proficiency and Perception #341

Sat, Nov 21, 10:45-12:15 JST | Zoom 29 Posters

A certain ambiguous audio clip is perceived as “Laurel” by some listeners and as “Yanny” by others. For Japanese learners of English, could language proficiency be a factor affecting which word they hear? This poster shows the results of a study demonstrating that higher-proficiency Japanese learners of English are more likely to hear the phonetically-challenging “Laurel” than low-proficiency learners are.

Teaching Note Taking: A Quasi-Experimental Study #574

Sat, Nov 21, 14:00-14:25 JST | Zoom 15

Note taking preparation in EAP courses can be crucial for students’ success on study abroad and in EMI courses. Despite positive initial findings, questions remain about whether explicit note taking instruction generates better results than uninstructed practice. This presentation reports on a quasi-experimental study of note taking instruction that involved control and intervention groups at the intermediate and advanced levels. Presentation attendees will learn about a teaching cycle and its effects on note taking ability.

Student Recommendations for Online EL #705

Sat, Nov 21, 14:35-15:00 JST | Video Q and A 15

Extensive listening (EL) is less widely discussed than extensive reading but also offers opportunities for plenty of input. Students in a university quarter class were asked to listen to news reports for homework. In past years, they most often recommended reports that they found easiest, where they rated their own comprehension well, and where they needed to listen fewer times. This presentation attempts to confirm these findings by replicating previous research from the same class.

Evaluating Learners’ Readiness for EMI #645

Sat, Nov 21, 16:45-17:10 JST | Zoom 15

English-medium instruction (EMI) offers pedagogical efficiency by providing learners with academic content and opportunities to acquire English. However, its efficacy and effectiveness remain unproven with concerns over students’ academic readiness and language proficiency unresolved. Learners’ readiness for writing a graduation thesis in English was evaluated through triangulation of idiodynamic ratings of comprehension, note taking ability, and comprehension test scores. Learners’ readiness for EMI, strategies to increase lectures’ comprehensibility, and insights for listener training are discussed.

Shadowing Research: The Past and Future #651

Sat, Nov 21, 17:20-17:45 JST | Zoom 15

The presenter will summarize shadowing research, then point out the problems, and propose what needs to be researched in the future. In the presentation, the presenter will review the brief theory and research findings of past shadowing studies. Then, the presenter will summarize the limitations, including what has not been researched and propose the directions of future research on shadowing, including how it should be done.