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Temple University Japan Graduate Student Showcase #289

Sun, Nov 22, 09:30-11:30 JST | Zoom 30 Graduate Student Showcases
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Lesson plan for Kanda Gaigo Gakuin


This lesson plan for a vocational school includes three objectives: students will write faster and better through 10-minute fluency writing and writing blogs, expand their vocabulary using Quizlet Live, and improve their reading comprehension by using reading techniques.

An advanced learner’s acquisition of articles and tenses/aspects


This study explored the teaching of two grammatical features of English, articles and tense/aspect to an adult learner of English. The results showed that an advanced adult learner can improve grammatical accuracy through receiving explicit corrective feedback.

Effect of consciousness-raising and practice activities on two simple aspects


This research looks at how a young L2 Japanese professional improved her understanding and use of two simple aspects, simple present and simple future through consciousness-raising activities, contextualized practice, and controlled and uncontrolled practice.

How effective are vocabulary building applications?


I will discuss the process and results of a comparative case study conducted on the effectiveness of a popular vocabulary building application and traditional word list learning with first-year Japanese university students.

Omar Massoud

Omar Massoud

Temple University
I am a recent Temple University graduate from the Graduate College of Education, Japan campus. I have also taught in Japan for over seven years as an English teacher from elementary school to high school and briefly at university. For JALT 2020, I will be giving a presentation on a sample study that I conducted on a subject to help her improve simple aspects awareness through practice activities.
Kathryn Yamagishi

Kathryn Yamagishi

Temple University Japan (TUJ)