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Tsuda University Graduate Student Showcase 2 #294

Sun, Nov 22, 12:50-14:50 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases
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Enhancing junior high school students’ speaking fluency


This study aims to enhance Japanese junior high school students’ speaking fluency through a story retelling program. Forty-second extemporaneous speech tests were conducted before and after the three-month program and fluency was measured by word-time, token, and pause length.

The effectiveness of vocabulary output activities


Vocabulary teaching in Japanese high schools has not been sufficiently studied. This research explored whether vocabulary output activities in class were effective for L2 vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension.

Process writing to raise metacognitive awareness in high school classrooms


This action research implemented process writing, aiming to raise students’ metacognitive awareness. After a brief introduction of the writing procedure, peer discussion and feedback were practiced and repeated, after which the results were examined.

Graphic organizers and reading comprehension

Kagari SATO

Skilled readers can identify main ideas, recognize organizational patterns, and use reading strategies. Graphic organizers are known as a strategy-based instructional tool in improving reading comprehension. This action research investigated the effects on retelling activities of using graphic organizers.

Vocabulary learning strategy instruction in English for Specific Purposes


This presentation reports the effect of vocabulary learning strategy instruction on medical engineering majors. The instruction encouraged them to build vocabulary and to become independent vocabulary learners after leaving school. Strategies were taught explicitly in regular language classrooms.