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Community Service in an Outdoor Classroom #338

Sun, Nov 22, 13:25-14:55 JST | Zoom 29 Posters
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This presentation depicts how a service-oriented camp in a rural setting can give Japanese and international students the chance to collaborate in English, promote social responsibility, and contribute to a broader local and global community. Service-related activities are designed to fortify the value of helping others, develop cultural competency, instill an appreciation for local history, and create a heightened sense of community, which in turn translates into better classroom participation and higher academic achievement.

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Poster - Community Service in an Outdoor Classroom

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Gordon D Carlson

Gordon D Carlson

Otemae University
Gordon Carlson is an associate professor at Otemae University where he teaches EFL, Philosophy, and Music Culture. His passions include service-learning and applying course content to life outside the classroom.