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Community via Authentic Content Language Immersion #394

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Sat, Nov 21, 13:25-14:25 JST | Zoom 5
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If Teacher/Learner communication is to go beyond top-down instruction and evolve into an engaging, interactive exchange building language competence, a common ground of current subject matter to stimulate language use must be established. Utilising authentic video from the worlds of entertainment, news and factual programming, Lingua Attack provides this common ground, thus creating a true community of interest and relevance between teachers and learners ideal for flipped classroom teaching and similar pedagogical approaches.

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Paul Maglione

Paul Maglione

Entertainment Learning
Paul is the co-founder and Director of Education for Entertainment Learning, an EdTech company created in 2009 with the mission to bring innovation to the field of online language learning and publisher of the Lingua Attack online language learning service. He brings years of international experience in the media and entertainment industries to his current position. A dual American and Italian national, Paul holds degrees from Brown University and London Business School and holds a TEFL Certificate from Rutgers University.