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Introductory Workshop on Q-Methodology #420

Sat, Nov 21, 14:00-15:00 JST | Zoom 21 VIP
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Q-methodology is an underused research method to identify subjective views within a community about a particular topic. It includes both elements of quantitative and qualitative techniques to investigate people’s opinions without breaking them into a limited number of variables. In this workshop, I will give an overview of the method, take the audience through the basic steps, and consider its application. The workshop will include hands-on experiences and information on various software applications.

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Kay Irie

Kay Irie

GAKUSHUIN University
Kay Irie is a Professor at the Faculty of International Social Sciences, Gakushuin University, Tokyo. She is involved in developing and managing the English language program to support EMI. She also teaches at the Graduate College of Education at Temple University Japan. Her research interests include language learning psychology, learner autonomy, and research methods in these areas, including Q-methodology.