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Soft Skills for Developing A Sense of Community #425

Sun, Nov 22, 13:25-13:50 JST | Zoom 4
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While university graduates demonstrate academic and professional knowledge and skills, they lack interpersonal, communicative, and analytical abilities. Academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life (Goleman, 2009). The presenters argue that teaching soft skills in EFL classes has the potential to increase students’ sense of community and collaboration that they will transfer to their future. The different ways and techniques to develop learners’ soft skills and emotional intelligence in the ELT classroom are presented.

Presentation Assets

Yulia Slezko (Ryzhkova)

Yulia Slezko (Ryzhkova)

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU)
I am an Associate Professor at English language academic department, FEFU. I hold a Candidate degree in Applied Linguistics which is equivelent to PhD. My research interests are connected with Psychological and social issues in the ELT classroom, such as EI and soft skills, as well as intercultural communication and world Englishes. I learned Japanese for a year but was not really successul in it. I really enjoy visiting Japan.
Carina Bykova

Carina Bykova

Far Eastern Federal University Russia
I am an inspired English educator who enjoys teaching translation, ESP, AE and cross-cultural communication. I will be happy to meet experts in these fields at our workshop.