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A Sense of Belonging in an Inclusive Classroom #457

Sun, Nov 22, 14:00-14:25 JST | Video Q and A 15
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As students with special learning differences (SpLD) increase in Japanese tertiary education, the need for inclusion and accommodation becomes more crucial. When learners, with or without learning differences, become aware that their language classroom is a community and a place where diversity is celebrated, accommodation becomes shared practice. In this presentation, an empirical study and practical tools for EFL classrooms to empower students towards independence, a sense of belonging, and self-advocacy will be discussed.

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Ayako Ooiwa

Ayako Ooiwa

Keiwa College
Ayako Ooiwa is a Special Appointed lecturer at Keiwa College, Shibata-city, Niigata. Her research interests include: UDL, inclusive education, critical pedagogy, citizenship education, peace education, teaching young learners, and Montessori education. At JALT 2020 she will be presenting with Mike Yap on the topic of inclusive ELF classroom and a sense of belonging. Below is the link to our pre-recorded presentation
Michael Y. Yap

Michael Y. Yap

Meiho Junior and Senior High School
Mike is a full-time lecturer at Meiho Junior and Senior High School. His main research interests include differentiated instruction, teaching English to students with learning difficulties, developing literacy skills for English language learners, extensive reading, extensive listening, and curriculum design.