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Maximum Practice: Getting Your Students Speaking #548

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Sun, Nov 22, 14:00-15:00 JST | Zoom 4
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Speaking skills are becoming critical for students’ success in many academic environments and workplaces, and yet they rarely get the attention they deserve in the classroom. In this session, I’ll be exploring strategies for helping students get the most out of speaking-focused communicative activities and building students confidence and fluency. We’ll talk about practical ways of solving common problems to get students speaking more.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

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Jon Edwards is a teacher and material developer. He has been teaching English for 20 years across the ELT spectrum to learners at a wide range of skill levels and ages, primarily in South Korea. He has worked in ELT material development since 2005 and has developed many series and digital language-learning applications. He travels throughout the world, meeting and training teachers and observing ELT in various environments.