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A Paired-Skill Approach to CBI #549

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Sat, Nov 21, 10:45-11:45 JST | Zoom 5
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Content-based instruction has gained popularity in the last few decades as a way to prepare students for English academic environments while building their communication skills. A paired-skill approach to this type of material builds both input and output skills, ensuring that students’ language development is well balanced. In this session, we’ll explore the benefits and challenges of content-based instruction and how to help students build up their language skills step-by-step.

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards

Compass Publishing
Jon Edwards is a teacher and material developer. He has been teaching English for 20 years across the ELT spectrum to learners at a wide range of skill levels and ages, primarily in South Korea. He has worked in ELT material development since 2005 and has developed many series and digital language-learning applications. He travels throughout the world, meeting and training teachers and observing ELT in various environments.