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Working With Introverts in the Education Community #555

Sun, Nov 22, 10:45-11:45 JST | Zoom 21 VIP
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Heather McCulloch will draw on her own experience and research to examine what introversion is and what it is not. Her analyses of what goes on inside the introverted brain will help participants understand why introverts are so overwhelmed in social situations. She will discuss teacher attitudes that could help or hinder introvert performance within the classroom. She will offer participants ways to help introverts and extroverts work together to create a balanced community.

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JALT2020 Interview

Heather McCulloch

Heather McCulloch

Gunma University
I’ve been calling Japan home for almost 20 years. My favorite foods include tomatoes and cheese. I don’t have a pet but I’d really like to have a cat named Pookey.