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JALT2020 REDUX: Hangouts #959

Sat, Dec 19, 16:45-21:30 JST | Zoom | Open Session
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This is a relaxed event with the objective of continuing many of the great conversations that took place during the conference. These may be presentations, or just open discussions based on a presenter’s topic. Presentatiions will start at 1700, 1800, and 1900. Each presenter will be in a Zoom Breakout Room. Participants will be able to choose whatever presentation they want to see.

17:00 Developing Education for Sustainable Development-Composting Food Waste: Liz Leigh

17:00 Faculty Development Support and EMI in Japan: Mahboubeh Rakhshandehroo

17:00 Increasing foreign and native student interaction through clubs: D.S. Bowyer

17:00 Online ESL Tutors' Teaching Strategies: Darren Rey Javier

17:00 Online Interaction in New CEFR in Time of Crisis: Maha Hassan

17:00 The Chorus English Approach in Non-children’s EFL: Darren A. Kinsman & Dominic Jones

17:00 The Great Myth of Effective Team Teaching: Jackson Koon Yat Lee

18:00 Adapting to Online Platforms for the Uninitiated: Teh Pei Ling

18:00 Culture Shock Meets Predictive Processing: Stephen M. Ryan

18:00 Building Cross-Cultural Communities in Healthcare: Najma Janjua

19:00 Getting students sharing stories: Andy Boon

19:00 Phonics Chants and Activities: Do They Work?: Robert Edick

19:00 What Do You Say When You Have Nothing To Say? Rob Olson