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①Talk to Pearson Session : Joseph Shaules & Junko Yamanaka & Pearson consultants

Date&Time: 3pm-4pm Saturday, November 21st

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②Talk to Pearson Session: Mike Mayor & Pearson consultants

Date&Time: 6:55pm-7:55pm Saturday, November 21st

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③Talk to Pearson Session: Marc Helgesen & John Wiltshier & Pearson consultants

Date&Time: 3PM-4PM  Sunday, November 22nd

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Presentations by or related to Pearson Japan K.K.

Building Community Through Learner Engagement #388

Sat, Nov 21, 14:00-15:00 JST

Nurturing community is critical for fully engaging students in learning. This presentation will explore how building community reduces psychological resistance and encourages student engagement. It discusses how to encourage an engaged learner community by building trust, making communicative activities more meaningful, and by focusing on learners’ personal point of view. A questionnaire to measure student resistance and engagement will be introduced. The focus will be hands-on and practical.

How Do You Know Learning Is Taking Place? #409

Sat, Nov 21, 17:55-18:55 JST

One of the challenges facing teachers who have had to move their teaching online is how to ensure that learning is still taking place. Traditional ways of assessing students’ progress are no longer applicable – so how do we move assessment online too? This presentation looks at two new online tests that can be used to place students at the correct level, monitor their progress across all four skills and be administered remotely.

Teaching Online and After: What We Will Keep #410

Sun, Nov 22, 14:00-15:00 JST

The past few months challenged us all. We’ve now got firsthand experience. We’ve learned and adapted. In some ways we’re better. What will we be bringing back to face-to-face classes (other than a few extra kilos around the waist)? What did we learn? What do we want to keep? English Firsthand authors will share some of what they have been doing. We’d love for participants to share what you are doing, learning, discarding, and keeping.