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Building Community Through Learner Engagement #388

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Sat, Nov 21, 14:00-15:00 JST | Zoom 4
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Nurturing community is critical for fully engaging students in learning. This presentation will explore how building community reduces psychological resistance and encourages student engagement. It discusses how to encourage an engaged learner community by building trust, making communicative activities more meaningful, and by focusing on learners’ personal point of view. A questionnaire to measure student resistance and engagement will be introduced. The focus will be hands-on and practical.

Presentation Assets

Joseph Shaules

Joseph Shaules

Japan Intercultural Institute - Keio University, GIC Center
Joseph Shaules (PhD) is a leading author and educator in language and intercultural communication. He is the Director of the Japan Intercultural Institute, and a Specially Appointed Professor at the GIC Center at Keio University. Books include: Impact Issues (Pearson); Language, Culture and the Embodied Mind (Springer); The Intercultural Mind (Intercultural Press), Deep Culture (Multilingual Matters) and Identity (OUP).
Junko Yamanaka

Junko Yamanaka

Aichi Gakuin University / Chukyo University
Junko Yamanaka has been a teacher, teacher trainer and co-author of many EFL textbooks including Impact Issues (Pearson) and Cover to Cover (OUP). She is currently teaching at Aichi Gakuin University and Chukyo University in central Japan. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Extensive Reading Foundation. Her main interests include developing critical thinking and discussion skills, teaching reading and promoting extensive reading.