Ikeda Ken (イケダ・ケン)

Otsuma Women's University

Ken Ikeda has lived in Japan since 1987 and has been at the Department of English Literature and Language at Otsuma Women’s University since 2009. He teaches English education and media representations of Asians. His research interests are in exploring Asians’ English language learner identities and investigating discontinuities in student academic writing. Ken enjoys taking long walks, playing the piano, and writing fiction.


TLC from LD: Transformational Learning Communities

Fri, Nov 20, 18:15-19:45 JST

In this forum, a range of interactive presentations will critically explore the theme of transformative learning communities (TLCs), based on theories of transformative learning where learners reach fundamental shifts in their worldviews and actions through reflection. Presenters will focus on distinct groups of learners (high school students, university students, teachers, teacher trainees, and practitioner-researchers), with forum participants invited to discuss and later share their reflections about TLCs in Learning Learning, the Learner Development SIG's newsletter.