Miyu Noto

Gakushuin University

I am interested in English education in Japan. Especially, online education.


Gakushuin University Graduate Student Showcase

Demotivation and affective states in online and face-to-face English classes Miyu NOTO This presentation reports on a study of factors that contribute to demotivation of students in online and face-to-face classes. A survey of English major students will be analysed to examine past and present demotivating experiences and present affective states. Washback effects of the new university entrance exam in Japan So SUDO This presentation examines the possible washback effects of the new Common test to be implemented in 2021 on teaching and learning English. Based on previous literature, I hypothesise that the exam reform may cause negative or unintended washback effects. Effects of extensive reading on attitudes towards autonomous learning Yushi KASHIMURA The purpose of this study is to investigate whether and how extensive reading enhances university students’ positive attitudes towards autonomous learning. I will present quantitative and qualitative data obtained from three online questionnaires. A study of foreign language anxiety in Japanese English learners Fuuko NAKAMURA This research aims to investigate the causes of foreign language anxiety. Questionnaires and interviews are conducted to reveal the background of foreign language anxieties of Japanese EFL students with a special focus on WTC, coping strategies and communication strategies. The effect of retelling on vocabulary acquisition and speaking fluency Naomichi TSUTANO The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of retelling on vocabulary acquisition and oral fluency. Following a review of the literature, I propose a research method and suggest classroom activities involving different types of retelling.