Sessions / Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

GSS Training (31) #884

Wed, Nov 18, 18:00-19:30 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

Training session for GSS members on specifics for running their meeting

Waseda University Graduate Student Showcase #284

Sat, Nov 21, 10:45-12:00 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

Thirdagers savouring foreign language learning


I investigate thirdage learners’ experiences of learning foreign languages through the lens of positive psychology. Drawing on interview data I explore connections between the savouring of language learning, overall wellbeing, and how these contribute to so-called successful ageing.

Perspective shifts through a high-school social issues research project


This study explores how participation in an English-medium social issues project changes the values and career choices high-school students in a rural region of Japan, and what socio-cultural factors and emotions are involved in the process.

The resilience process of Japanese university students over EMI


This study explores resilience and emotions emerging during an EMI course. Tracking university students taking EMI courses, using participants’ weekly reflective journals, interview data, and class observation field notes, the presenter will discuss preliminary results from her pilot study.

Gakushuin University Graduate Student Showcase #286

Sat, Nov 21, 12:50-14:50 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

Demotivation and affective states in online and face-to-face English classes


This presentation reports on a study of factors that contribute to demotivation of students in online and face-to-face classes. A survey of English major students will be analysed to examine past and present demotivating experiences and present affective states.

Washback effects of the new university entrance exam in Japan


This presentation examines the possible washback effects of the new Common test to be implemented in 2021 on teaching and learning English. Based on previous literature, I hypothesise that the exam reform may cause negative or unintended washback effects.

Effects of extensive reading on attitudes towards autonomous learning


The purpose of this study is to investigate whether and how extensive reading enhances university students’ positive attitudes towards autonomous learning. I will present quantitative and qualitative data obtained from three online questionnaires.

A study of foreign language anxiety in Japanese English learners


This research aims to investigate the causes of foreign language anxiety. Questionnaires and interviews are conducted to reveal the background of foreign language anxieties of Japanese EFL students with a special focus on WTC, coping strategies and communication strategies.

The effect of retelling on vocabulary acquisition and speaking fluency

Naomichi TSUTANO

The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of retelling on vocabulary acquisition and oral fluency. Following a review of the literature, I propose a research method and suggest classroom activities involving different types of retelling.

Soka University Graduate Student Showcase #288

Sat, Nov 21, 16:45-18:15 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

A phenomenological study: Nepalese EFL teachers’ perceptions of differentiated instruction

Samikshya BIDARI

This study explores EFL teachers’ perceptions of Differentiated Instruction (DI) in Katmandu, Nepal. Data were collected from 15 secondary level EFL teachers via questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and classroom observations. Strategies to support students with differences in learning abilities are investigated.

Arts Integrated Learning: Self-expression and safe spaces in Indian classrooms


This study investigates Arts Integrated Learning (AIL) in two Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) schools. The study focuses on AIL in English language instruction, the effectiveness of implementation, and self-expression and safe space in the AIL classroom.

Stage performance materials development for Chinese L2 learners


This curriculum development project included a needs analysis with 150 Chinese high school EFL learners. A student survey and teacher interviews were used to develop materials for stage performance as a strategy to help improve learners’ language skills.

Riya Kartha / Samikshya Bidari /

Tsuda University Graduate Student Showcase 1 #290

Sun, Nov 22, 09:30-11:30 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

Facilitating reading with listening activities

Kazune AIDA

This study explored the effectiveness of listening activities to support reading for low-intermediate high school students. By introducing listening exercises and oral reading practice before reading to facilitate it, this study examines the role of sounds in reading.

Reading comprehension and motivation in Japanese high school classrooms


The relationship between reading comprehension and motivation in Japanese EFL junior high school classrooms was gauged through questionnaires and extended reading activity which consisted of reading worksheet-style activity developed by the researcher.

Building automatization and improving reading fluency through repeated reading

Mihori ITO

This study investigates whether repeated reading, a process of reading the same materials repeatedly with various methods such as reading with an auditory model, improves reading fluency, reading comprehension, and EFL learners’ attitudes toward reading.

Improving writing skills of Japanese junior high school EFL students


This research examines the effectiveness of function-based writing, which is a three-sentence writing activity, in classes. It discusses how function-based writing changed the writing skills and attitudes toward learning English of first-year Japanese junior school students.

Improving communicative competence through task-based language teaching


A variety of tasks including role-playing, opinion exchange, and group presentations were adopted in high school English Communication classes. The improvement of students’ communicative abilities and their motivation toward communication in English are discussed.

Yukiko Ishino / Kazune Aida / Mihori Ito / Ayumi Kokubo / Eriko Nishizawa /

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Graduate Student Showcase #292

Sun, Nov 22, 11:55-12:20 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

Analysis of university students' TED talks simulation activity


This research presents a 16-week student autonomous classroom activity of TED talks simulation. I describe students’ peer assessment of each other’s presentations and analyse their videos to report on what they achieved and what they need to improve further.

Tsuda University Graduate Student Showcase 2 #294

Sun, Nov 22, 12:50-14:50 JST | Zoom 31 Graduate Student Showcases

Enhancing junior high school students’ speaking fluency


This study aims to enhance Japanese junior high school students’ speaking fluency through a story retelling program. Forty-second extemporaneous speech tests were conducted before and after the three-month program and fluency was measured by word-time, token, and pause length.

The effectiveness of vocabulary output activities


Vocabulary teaching in Japanese high schools has not been sufficiently studied. This research explored whether vocabulary output activities in class were effective for L2 vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension.

Process writing to raise metacognitive awareness in high school classrooms


This action research implemented process writing, aiming to raise students’ metacognitive awareness. After a brief introduction of the writing procedure, peer discussion and feedback were practiced and repeated, after which the results were examined.

Graphic organizers and reading comprehension

Kagari SATO

Skilled readers can identify main ideas, recognize organizational patterns, and use reading strategies. Graphic organizers are known as a strategy-based instructional tool in improving reading comprehension. This action research investigated the effects on retelling activities of using graphic organizers.

Vocabulary learning strategy instruction in English for Specific Purposes


This presentation reports the effect of vocabulary learning strategy instruction on medical engineering majors. The instruction encouraged them to build vocabulary and to become independent vocabulary learners after leaving school. Strategies were taught explicitly in regular language classrooms.

Akiko Yamanouchi / Mikiko Majima / Megumi Oshida / Kagari Sato / Naoko Shioda /