Josh Brunotte

Aichi Prefectural University

Josh Brunotte is an associate professor at Aichi Prefectural University in Japan, where he has been working in the Liberal Education Center since 2017. His research interests include the intersection of psychology and computer-assisted language teaching, with a focus on how virtual reality and other emerging technologies can help with anxiety reduction. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in social psychology from Nagoya University with a study on how public speaking phobia may be reduced by imaginal and virtual reality-based exposure training.


Virtual vs. Imaginal Public Speaking Training

College & University Education
Sun, Nov 22, 09:30-09:55 JST

More effective methods for combating public speaking phobia must be developed, and virtual reality-based exposure to public speech acts may hold advantages over traditional instructional methods alone, allowing students to rehearse speeches in low-anxiety environments in front of simulated audiences. This presentation will explore a study conducted with university students in Japan in which presentation skills and mindfulness training, along with VR-based presentation practice, were combined to attempt a reduction in public speaking anxiety.