Atama-ii Books / Atama-ii Multi-Path Graded Readers

Multiple award-winning adventure titles in a Choose Your Own Adventureā„¢-style format.

Engaging and effective for ER or for teacher-led classroom use.

Atama-ii multi-path series comprise ten easy-English graded readers for all ages. The series follows an interactive gamebook format, in which the reader takes on the role of the main character and makes plot choices at certain points in the story. These choices lead to one of eight different endings.

In this way, reading an Atama-ii title is like reading up to eight slightly different short stories which all share the same characters and basic situation. This is helpful for beginning and reluctant readers, as well as for second language learners, because they can become more and more confident in their understanding of the story as they re-read. This helps lead to more fluent reading.

This series is suitable for Extensive Reading or for teacher-led activities. Ten titles are currently available in print or digitally on the Xreading platform.

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