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Atama-ii Books is a small teacher-run ELT publisher based in Tokyo. We were founded in 2014 to publish a series of 10 multi-path graded readers. In 2018, we also released Widgets Inc., a task-based course book that went on to win the 2019 ELTon for course innovation, the top prize in the industry. Our titles are available internationally via our Japan distributor,

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Widgets Inc: A Task-Based Course

Widgets Inc: A Task-Based Course Welcome to Widgets Inc., a different kind of English communication course.Widgets Inc. is an EFL course employing a communicative language teaching approach called task-based language Teaching (TBLT).Widgets employs a "strong" version of TBLT, which makes it unlike most other language coursebooks. For instance, lessons are organized according to task complexity rather than by language forms, and their primary goal is to develop communicative competence rather than grammatical accuracy. Accordingly, self, peer, and teacher assessment is based on the appropriate completion of tasks, rather than on grammar or vocabulary tests.Something else that makes Widgets different from other courses is its focus on creating a “real-life-like” English-speaking environment in the classroom. Students simulate being interns at a technology startup called Widgets Incorporated. There, they work together in small groups to perform workplace and business related tasks. In this way, all classroom activities are realistically connected; all conversations, discussions, presentations, video calls, and interviews have a contextual purpose, and build from one to the next.This has several advantages:**It recycles useful language and situations. Relevant vocabulary and sentence patterns, as well as communicative situations, naturally reappear again and again.This implicitly builds confidence and language proficiency.**It is well-suited for mixed-level classes. Since the course is organized by task complexity, clearly contextualized, and assessed by practical outcomes, learners at differing proficiency levels can achieve meaningful results.**It's easy to understand the purpose of activities. Because all tasks are realistic and clearly connected to each other, even less proficient students can understand whats going on by drawing on their own background knowledge.**It is motivating. Students appreciate the practical aspect of tasks, because more than just practicing English, they are also applying real-world skills. This can lead to greater participation and a decrease in absenteeism.Widgets Inc. is available in print or digitally. Starting in 2021, we will offer a Moodle course as well. Contact us for more information at or order internationally via our Japan-based distributors,

Atama-ii Multi-Path Graded Readers

Atama-ii Multi-Path Graded Readers Multiple award-winning adventure titles in a Choose Your Own Adventure™-style format.Engaging and effective for ER or for teacher-led classroom use.Atama-ii multi-path series comprise ten easy-English graded readers for all ages. The series follows an interactive gamebook format, in which the reader takes on the role of the main character and makes plot choices at certain points in the story. These choices lead to one of eight different endings.In this way, reading an Atama-ii title is like reading up to eight slightly different short stories which all share the same characters and basic situation. This is helpful for beginning and reluctant readers, as well as for second language learners, because they can become more and more confident in their understanding of the story as they re-read. This helps lead to more fluent reading.This series is suitable for Extensive Reading or for teacher-led activities. Ten titles are currently available in print or digitally on the Xreading platform.For ordering information, please contact our distributors or email us

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Atama-II Presentations at JALT 2020

Widgets Inc.: Task-Based Workplace English Course #387 

Sat, Nov 21st, 12:50 ~ 13:50 JST
This workshop demonstrates important principles in “strong” task-based and project-based instruction, using content from the 2019 ELTons award-winning course, Widgets Inc. 2nd Edition (Atama-ii Books). Presented by the author.

A Universal Rubric for Task Outcome Assessment #363 

Sun, Nov 22nd, 16:45 ~ 17:45 JST
This workshop introduces a universal assessment rubric for teachers to easily grade speaking, writing, or mixed-skills task performance in the classroom. The tool conforms to TBLT assessment principles and allows for instructional feedback.

TBLT Online Using Moodle and Zoom #550 

Sun, Nov 22nd, 12:50 ~ 13:50 JST
This paper presents insights gained through the online implementation of two task-based courses taught in spring 2020. The courses were delivered synchronously via Zoom and asynchronously using Moodle.