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L2 Reader’s Attitude and Extensive Reading #321

Sun, Nov 22, 10:45-12:15 JST | Zoom 29 Posters
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In this presentation, the dual influences of a positive reading attitude promoting more reading and more reading creating a more positive reading attitude will be displayed. The data was analyzed to see if there was any correlation between the students’ reading attitudes before and after the program and the amount of reading they did during the program. The data gathered for the present study provided evidence that extensive reading can change learner’s reading attitudes.

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Poster - L2 Reader’s Attitude and Extensive Reading

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Mamoru Takahashi

Mamoru Takahashi

Akita Prefectural University
Mamoru “Bobby” Takahashi is teaching English at the Research and Education Center for Comprehensive Science, Akita Prefectural University. His current areas of interest include Extensive Reading, Creative Writing, Content-based Communicative Instruction, and Computer Assisted Language Learning.