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Practical Steps to Empower Diverse Identities #414

Mon, Nov 23, 10:45-11:45 JST | Zoom 21 VIP
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This workshop follows in a practical way from the plenary address. I will describe how my philosophy on the personal / professional divide shifted due to one student’s bravery. I will discuss my decision to come out to my students and outline the positive knock-on effects, including what I learnt about the power of any form of self-disclosure and how it can be engineered to build openness, curiosity and trusting learning environments.

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Yoshi Grote

Yoshi Grote

Kyoto Sangyo University
I teach content electives (focusing on topics such as gender, intercultural skills, positive psychology, identity) in the foreign language department of Kyoto Sangyo University. My research interests include: 1) Visibility / invisibility and sense of belonging of LGBTQIA+ students in classes and campus & creation of diversity-positive spaces. 2) The intersection of language, intercultural training and education with a focus on building intercultural competence in English language classrooms.