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Sat, Nov 21, 19:00-23:30 JST | Zoom 21 VIP | Open Session
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Join us to celebrate the best speakers at JALT events, selected by JALT's chapters and special interest groups.

Presentation Assets

Interview with Michele Steele

This video is an interview with Michele Steele, the Best of JALT Coordinator, who started the Best of JALT reception in 2010. This event is now the main social event at our conference.

Wayne Malcolm, Director of Program, JALT

Wayne Malcolm, Director of Program, JALT

Fukui University of Technology
Wayne Malcolm is an assistant professor for teaching English at Fukui University of Technology. He has been living and teaching in Japan since 2002. He is the current Director of Program for JALT, which he has been an active member of since 2008.
Catherine Oki

Catherine Oki

Doshisha Women’s College
Best of JALT Co-coordinator