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Counseling and Coaching #868

Thu, Nov 19, 20:00-20:30 JST | Video Q and A 2
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The J'Expat Network provides personal coaching and guidance counselling specifically for English speaking women in Japan. Coach/Guidance Counsellor Sarah Mulvey of the J'Expat Network will provide an introduction to goal setting as well as introduce relaxation techniques for when teachers may feel burnout setting in. Sarah will offer some tools that teachers can use at home to help them create personal and work goals in the semester ahead. For long-term teachers and newcomers as well, this session can be one step towards a more fulfilling teaching life here in Japan. URL:

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Sarah Mulvey

Sarah Mulvey

The J'Expat Network
A long-term resident of Japan with two decades of university level English-language education in Nagoya. I am now a practitioner of NLP and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have been helping foreign women in Japan recognize and realize their goals and potential for many years.