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Digital Tools for Kindergarten and Young Learners for Remote and Classroom Teaching – MidiEnglish, MidiPhonics and Moo-O #891

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Wed, Nov 18, 14:00-15:00 JST | Session
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As more schools turn to remote learning, the need for digital products for all ages increases. In this presentation, we will look at three tools that can be used effectively for face-to-face and remote teaching to very young learners. MidiEnglish is a blended holistic tool for learning English that is based around the idea that learning should be fun and meaningful for learners. It includes music, games and physical activities that students can do in groups or individually. We have recently updated it to include remote capabilities that allows students to interact with the program even from home. MidiPhonics is an extension of the Midi family that focuses on phonics. Moo-O is an interactive story-telling program in which learners can join the story to act out the parts.

R. Alan Davis

R. Alan Davis

McGraw Hill Education
Alan Davis has over 20 years of experience in English education and training which includes curriculum design, online instruction, teacher training and consulting, and project design, implementation and management. He earned a degree in Anthropology from the University of Washington and a Masters in TESOL from the University of Technology, Sydney. He has worked in Australia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.