Alun Roger

Nagoya Gakuin University

Hello everyone, I am currently an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Nagoya Gakuin University but I have taught at a number of universities across Japan for the past 14 years. My research interests include TEVAL and quantitative methods. I am currently finishing up my PhD thesis through the University of Bedfordshire, UK.


Whose Performance Is It Now?

College & University Education
Sat, Nov 21, 16:45-17:10 JST

This paper outlines findings from an ongoing mixed-methods study on rater leniency in L2 speaking tests. The research finds a small but statistically significant relationship between two rater characteristics, “Agreeableness” and “Experience”, and “Rating Leniency”. Raters higher in agreeableness and/or experience give more lenient scores. The study then thematically analyses rater commentary to triangulate these findings with qualitative evidence.