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Teaching Practicum Preparation in Batam, Indonesia #701

Sun, Nov 22, 17:20-17:45 JST | Video Q and A 1
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Fostering prospective teachers is at the heart of teacher education. Teacher education should have a sharper focus to advance effectively (Beck & Kosnik, 2009). Among common practices for preparing future teachers is the implementation of the teaching practicum course. Centering on preservice teacher education in an EFL context, the research findings offer perspectives of the current practices and highlight important aspects for preservice teachers and teacher educators to address prior to the teaching practicum journey.

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Hidayat Polim

Hidayat Polim

I've graduated from Soka University in 2019 and currently working at an after-school for students with special needs (ADHD and ASD) in Sagamihara, Kanagawa. In my 1st presentation, my colleague, Mr. Johan and I will be presenting about strategies to succeed as a non-native speaker teacher. Then, in my 2nd presentation, I will be presenting part of my research thesis related to teaching practicum in Indonesia. contact me at